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Starr is fast becoming a paragon of contemporary Australian art, both here and around the world.

With successful exhibitions around Australia as well as in New York and Singapore, she is carving a niche for herself, with an instantly recognizable and thoroughly original style.

Her work explores the warmth and passion of life as an artist, responding to intense experiences of the abundant light in the Australian landscape and the sensuous potential of the human form.

Starr captures in paint what the camera seeks to fix in a moment of time. Her works secure what is elusive and mutable in our relationships to places and the people who inhabit them. Starr’s paintings are intensely personal and are as much the work of a devotee of popular culture as they of the artist/observer.

Starr creates works that become contemporary icons. Her subject matter is both familiar and universal in appeal. The lush layered surfaces are worked with fast-saturated colour and her signature calligraphic line that traces time and energy.

Starr is a voyeur who has created a unique signature style, creating narrative series and individual works that have become highly collectable, held in collections in London, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and throughout Australia.

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