We believe in going that extra step to help our RED HILL GALLERY clients so please feel free to ask and seek any help or guidance.

At Red Hill Gallery we are fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful art every day. We often change the paintings hanging in the Gallery and for passing traffic, our front window is refreshed regularly every week. We believe rotating art is key to reinventing your space and cleaning out the clutter in your mind. Our thinking is simple. We want to share with the world our passion for art and the extraordinary talents of our artists. We take pride in working with our artists, clients, collectors and colleagues alike in a friendly and welcoming environment. 

Payment options – Cash, Credit Card and Direct Deposit are the most common forms of payment.
We accept all major credit cards including:  Visa, MasterCard, American Express

Red Hill Gallery offer shipping throughout Australia and Worldwide. We have a number of preferred courier companies and are more than happy to source quotes and arrange safe delivery for our clients.

At Red Hill Gallery we are happy to provide this service to our clients. With generous terms this is a great and affordable way to acquire a piece of artwork you love. Contact Red Hill Gallery for further details,

We’ve made gift giving even more special with the perfect gift – a Red Hill Gallery Gift Voucher, offers a world of choice with over 120 established artists to select from.

For those special occasions, a Red Hill Gallery Gift Voucher is a gift like no other. Beautifully presented, it can be made out to any amount and sent to you or the recipient online and by post. No matter the occasion, the Red Hill Gallery is happy to personalise your Gift Voucher for that special someone.

If you’re unable to come into the Gallery, you can conveniently purchase your Gift Voucher online, via email or over the phone.

When starting married life together, couples are often equipped with everything they need. Why not think outside the box or inside the frame? If you are looking for that everlasting gift that keeps on giving, we suggest the gift of art.

Through our bridal registry, Red Hill Gallery make it easy for your loved ones to gift their desired funds towards a memorable piece of artwork celebrating the special day. At the conclusion of the registry your funds will be ready for you to choose your artwork or put towards a piece you have already selected. Art is passion for the home and you get to start married life with something that represents your passion for each other, made possible by all the people you love. Congratulations.

What do you get the person who has everything? Consider the gift of art, for that special occasion. Whether it is a birthday or milestone, Red Hill Gallery have a comprehensive selection for all occasions.

Red Hill Gallery has a team of talented Art Advisors available not only to help you with your art selections but also to customise your experience and discuss solutions for your business or home. Available for onsite consultations in the home, office or building site, to collaborate with you to create a unique, comfortable and beautiful space that you will love.

For all major art purchases of $1,500 and over, we provide a “Certificate of Authenticity” when you purchase artwork from Red Hill Gallery.