Sof Georgiou

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Sof Georgiou is an award-winning, full-time oil and watercolour painter. Born in Athens, Greece, he currently lives with his family in Brisbane. Sof worked as an engineer and later found a passion for art.

He enjoys to paint en plein air, primarily focusing on landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes in a loose style. His work has been regularly exhibited in Australia since 2011, receiving many awards including 1st prize at 2018 EKKA (Drawing), 2nd prize at 2018 EKKA (Marine Seascape), 1st prize at 2017 Art Extravaganza (Watercolour), 1st prize at 2017 EKKA (Drawing) and 3rd place in 2017 EKKA (Watercolour).

I paint landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes, whose subjects are generally drawn from Brisbane and Queensland's surrounding areas as well as Melbourne and Sydney. Sometimes I also paint landscapes from my birth country: Greece. What draws me to a subject the most is the light and the long shadows that can form. These patterns and designs that are created when light hits my subject are what I find truly inspiring.

With cityscapes I enjoy to paint the man-made shapes, the coexistence between traditional and modern buildings, and the busy life of the city.

My work is mostly representational and impressionistic in nature but occasionally moves towards abstraction and landscape expressionism. I work mainly with the direct method (alla prima) in an attempt to finish the painting in a single session so that it can turn out spontaneous, direct, bold and fresh. My method of applying paint onto a board or canvas being with loose, bold strokes using a brush or a palette knife is also dedicated to this end.

My work has been regularly exhibited in Australia since 2011.

- Sof Georgiou