Sarah Larsen

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Originally from Kenya, Larsen is an artist, author and tutor who travelled extensively before settling in Australia. She is an artist who creates in abstract, impressionist and traditional styles infusing her works with enigmatic wisdom whilst retaining passion and playfulness.

Artist Statement

“I have a deep love and connection to the land. I create works reflecting this passion and my concern of mankind’s effect upon our earth and our relationship to it. I am interested in how peoples of different ethic ancestries relate to the land expressing their emotional lineage though song, dance and art. I enrich this global human heritage through my art expressed in many forms. I am actively involved with mentoring emerging artists and teaching art to both adults and children. I have a special interest in people coping with ASD and other neurological or emotional stresses conditions. I tutor these students individually through their custom-made art programs. I am a qualified yoga instructor and therapist. I speak (publicly) when requested to do so and am currently creating 2 games to assist children and teens coping with ASD and trauma”.


2021. CRETIVE RECOVERY TRAINING- Scotia. Monkivitch

Artist in residence with Adelle Outteridge. CQ Shopfront. BSRAG

Layered printmaking workshops (3) with Michelle Black.

Workshop – The ideas Distillery (board game creation.)

CLSAE Artist Residency and workshops (Development of board games for ASD students)

Multi plate printmaking – CPI

2020 CQ RASN Tough and Tender Beauty

Advanced Cold Wax Medium – Kym Barrett & Cheryl McGannon

2019 Various printmaking workshops - Capricorn Printmakers

2018 Journaling and Artisan books – Linda Douglas

Introductory Cold Wax Media Kym Barrett

Encaustic book techniques – Peta Lloyd

2017 Drawn to Stitch Cass Holmes

Creative Writing Jacqueline Harvey

2016 Book Illustration Lucia Masciullo

2015 Calligraphy and Stamp carving –

Encaustic painting

Limestone carving – Rosemary Anderson