Peter Dare

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Peter Dare is a renowned Australian Cartoonist, being a the creator / author and illustrator of the uniquely Australian Kangaroo cartoon strip “Kool Roo” which appeared in major Sunday and Daily newspapers around Australia as well as internationally for 20 years.
- Sydney Daily Telegraph
-Sydney Sunday Telegraph
-Melbourne Herald (Sunday)
-Brisbane Daily Sun
-Brisbane Sunday Sun
-Perth Sunday Times
-Northern Territory News
*As well as numerous publications Internationally

Over those years Peter has produced an enormous amount of work with thousands of published black and white cartoon illustrations viewed by millions. This restriction to black and white however boosted a passion for working in colour, which he satisfied in his painting throughout those years.

In 2003 Peter backed off the cartooning to pursue his painting full time.

20 years of cartooning has developed in Peter a rich, creative imagination and an ability to take in aspects of the world around us and convey it in a unique, colourful and humoristic way.
There will always be a cartoonish feel and unique perspective in all Peter’s work.
Subject matter varies in Peter’s work from reflections of lifestyle to his outback works which depict the true Australian character and excite the eyes with his use of rich, vibrant and earthy colours.
His love for the traditional outback Australian culture is evident in much of his work.

Peter has stated that his goal through his cartooning career has always been to bring a smile to people’s faces with his work, and that same goal he applies with his paintings. “To be able to lift someone’s mood or brighten a room with your work is a special reward.”