Katherine Wood

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Well known Curator “Ruthie Tucker” of Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York described Katherine’s work at a Juried exhibition in 2009 as follows:

William Blake once declared that “Energy is Eternal Delight.” Contemporary artist Katherine Wood creates powerful Mixed Media and Oil on Canvas paintings which manifest Blake’s assertion. Ms Wood’s potent art illuminates the intangible forces in nature into brilliant awe-inspiring paintings.

Ms Woods’s paintings are deeply psychological, expressing a landscape which exists in the inner world of psyche, imagination and spirit. The vistas are reminiscent of the austere and compelling scenes of Salvadore Dali. However, Ms Wood pursues her imaginative expression a step further in such manner that her artwork borders on abstraction, as the elements of the panoramas such as grandiose tempestuous skies and vast flatlands are portrayed from afar and in momentous scale and could be inferred to be non-representational. Ms Wood paints with earthy colours with the use of the colours conveying an earthbound primordial quality to the art, and moreover underlines the expression of natural potency of the natural world, particularly atmospheric conditions. The sky is portrayed with diaphanous, blending brushstrokes in a comingling of hues which capture the inconstant nature of the atmosphere which is juxtaposed with the earth that is painted in a thick and static manner which comments on the permanence of the earth. Ms Wood expresses the intangible into the visible from which expert elegance and intuitiveness, thereby bestowing the viewer with the means to explore emotions and sensations in an aesthetically alluring manner. By witnessing the eternal and mammoth themes Ms Wood exhibits, one is implored to explore that which is abiding within one’s own entity.

“My art is not about reproducing reality; but capturing the energy that creates it. ”
— Katherine Wood