Jennifer Webb

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Jennifer Webb new up in country NSW, before making the usual mass exodus for tertiary studies to Melbourne.

One parent was amazed at her innate talent and bought her oil paints at the age of eleven. The other banned her from taking art studies at school, so as not to distract her from a ‘proper career’.

After being invited into an adult group exhibition at age 13 (and selling out), the young artist was once again reminded by others that ‘art is not a real career’.

As a result, furious private art studies ensued, both theoretical, historical and practical which continued right through two careers in health fields. Travel and painting were the two childhood goals and both were actively pursued concurrently, although it wasn’t until living in another culture (Brazil) that the artist’s career truly cemented itself.

The themes and concepts that appeal and inspire have varied enormously throughout her career, however three long term enduring series have continued: The Ocean, Figures and City Skylines.


Jennifer has been consistently creating paintings inspired by her adopted city Melbourne, portraying various water views around Melbourne city since her nostalgic return from living outside of Australia. Brisbane was the next city to grab her attention, as the water views are almost endless. As opportunity arises, there are several cities on her creative bucket list. They share one thing in common, beautiful water views around the CBD.

In the last decade, her so-called “Rectangularist” style developed in the city series and the icons and vistas are stripped back and reinterpreted into their most basic and essential abstract shapes. These studies in implied line, form and colour have very little of the figurative detail of her previous Melbourne paintings, but all of the textures, ambience and mood with hints of recognisable landmarks as subtle yet significant focal points. Most of the skyline series are completed in acrylic media on canvas or linen.


All aspects of the ocean inspire Webb, but not always the same approach or medium or even substrate is employed to create the paintings. This is because different feelings are invoked while underwater, compared to walking along the shoreline or studying the awesome movement of the sea.

Inks, varnish laminations, acrylic glazes and other forms of mixed media are utilised in these series, on substrates that include yupo (a synthetic paper), canvas , board and linen.