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As an artist, painting is a way to connect with the world around me, to see the
ordinary in a new light and reveal the extraordinary in the everyday. With a
degree in architecture, I bring a unique perspective to my work, combining
structure and form with a painter’s eye for color and composition.
My early years were spent roaming the galleries of Europe, soaking in the
vibrant art scene and immersing myself in the rich history and culture of the
region. As a self-taught artist, I have honed my skills in traditional oil painting
techniques over the years, drawing on the techniques and styles of the Old
Masters to create works that are both timeless and contemporary.
My early work focused on the human form, exploring the nuances of light and
shadow to capture the essence of my subjects. Over time, I discovered a love for
still life painting, striving to reveal the simple beauty found in familiar objects,
elevating them to a place of honor and reverence.
Whether I am capturing the subtle play of light on a piece of fruit or the
luminous quality that can be found in flesh, my work is a celebration of the
beauty that surrounds us all.

~ Jason Jeynes

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