Elizabeth Corfe

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"I reconnected with my childhood passion for drawing and painting long past the time when there was a chance to be considered ‘young and emerging’, or to graduate from one of the prestigious art schools.

Western Queensland is where I grew up, spent most of my married life, and is where my heart remains in spite of being retired to the Sunshine Coast hinterland north of Brisbane.

Since leaving the work pressures of the land and family, I now have time to seek classes with teachers of repute and/or of international standing, such as Elisabeth Cummings, Fu Hong, Clayton Beck III, Mervyn Moriarty, Peter Griffen, Lucja Ray and others. Together with countless hours studying the masters in many galleries at home and abroad, they have broadened my experience, technique, and understanding of art.

Life is now a continuing journey to capture and expand on the essence of memories and experiences, using canvas, board, or paper, and using all mediums. I enjoy being free to express my thoughts at the time, be they pictorial or abstract, using whichever medium lends itself to the current idea, whatever happens to be at hand, or a mixture of many.

I paint from memory and the heart, only using photographs for occasional reference.

My work, which was once described as ‘collectable’ by a reputable art-show judge connected with the Queensland Art Gallery; has achieved awards through limited exposure, and I have sold over 100 works which can be found in some public, and many private collections, both locally and abroad.

I consider the highlight of my achievements so far to be the sale at auction of a commissioned work for $10,000, the proceeds of which all went to the ‘Make a Wish’ Foundation."
- Elizabeth Corfe