Dale Leach

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Dale’s artwork is a result of a long gestation process. As a child growing up in the 1950’s and 60’s Pop Art and cartoons attracted Dale’s interest. Her father, a painting contractor and art enthusiast, introduced Dale through many visits to art galleries to Mark Chagall and Picasso and other modernists. Colour surrounded her in the form of her father’s mixing sticks, tints and paint tins and brushes. After travelling to Europe in 1976, Dale decided that she would work towards getting accepted into an Art School in Melbourne. In 1980 Dale was accepted into Prahran College of Advanced Education and became drawn to the German Expressionists and the Fauves.
It was only after seeing David Hockney’s wonderfully colourful landscapes that Dale found inspiration to tackle her local landscapes and undertake her first series of Noosa Hinterland landscape paintings. Since then, Dale has been using photography to see the different elements that make up these landscapes and she is continuing to explore different techniques and colour combinations to bring these landscapes to life.

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