Chloe Hart

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Granddaughter of iconic Australian artist, Pro Hart and daughter of David Hart, Chloe is now making her own mark as a professional artist. Born in 1994, Chloe sold her first painting at the age of 11. Every year since, she has produced very limited works, all of which have been snapped up by savvy investors.

Being a part of the Hart dynasty and having the Harts’ artistic genes passed down to her, Chloe has naturally explored a number of techniques and most recently has focused on a range of ‘abstract action paintings’. The non-representational, unique form of Chloe's abstract art makes it a popular choice for art buyers.

They are full of colour and energy and show a distinct style of her own. It was these paintings which recently created high media interest when exhibited in Generation Next, a showcase of three generations of Harts – Pro, David and Chloe. Chloe has a huge future ahead as a generational artist who is likely to follow in her forefather’s footsteps of success and investment potential.

In 2009 Chloe was featured in a full-page article in Women’s day and in 2010 she was featured on a children’s television programme called“The Shack” which was telecast to over 15 countries.

Chloe featured in 2011 in the “Girlfriend” magazine as part of their Role Model series. The article discussed her inspiration and her focus on achieving her goals.

Chloe was asked to be an Ambassador for Read2Remember, an initiative of SunnyKids, developed to help our younger generations understand the importance of Remembrance Day in a positive way. It was launched on 11.11.11 throughout Queensland.