Anne Maddern

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Anne is a retired professional living in regional Queensland.

For the last twenty-five years, in her spare time, she has been studying and practicing jewellery making with a focus on enameling. Her preferred method is Cloisonné, a method of creating images from very fine layers of glass fired onto pure silver at temperatures of around 800 degrees Celsius. This method uses very fine pure silver and gold wires included in the enamel to create highlights or defined features of the piece. Pure silver and gold foils or very small pieces of these metals are sometimes used to create additional points of interest in the piece. Anne primarily uses transparent enamels giving depth and “sparkle” to the pieces. She contrasts this transparency with opaque black or white enamels in some of her pieces.

Once an enamel piece has been created, Anne sets the piece in a pure and sterling silver framework to create a piece of jewellery. The style of the framework is dictated by the individual characteristics of the piece and may include the use of semi precious gemstones or pearls.

Anne’s other interests include oil painting, patchwork and gardening.

Anne gets a great deal of joy in creating these pieces, from the initial inspiration, through design work, firing and then manufacturing the framework. Her hope is that others who view or wear her creations will feel some of that joy.