Amanda Hyatt

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With over 40 solo exhibitions and numerous international group exhibitions Amanda Hyatt grew up in the artistic environment of Eltham, Victoria, the site of the historic artist’s colony Montsalvat. Influenced by the Australian tonal-realist painters from the turn of the century, such as Arthur Streeton, Walter Withers and Tom Roberts - Hyatt resonated with their ideas of tone, light and atmosphere, subsequently spending her time aiming to perpetuate their artistic philosophies through her own work.

I try to perpetuate the traditional impressionist realism of the early Australian Heidelberg School of art while adding my own Zen energy and spontaneity in the all-important quest for capturing the light. I believe in seeing the big picture first when choosing a subject, simplifying the subject matter, balancing the initial draw-up, choosing subtle colours, using light, middle and dark tones consistently throughout the painting, setting a mood of light and magic then pulling it all together at the end. Mastery of this wonderful medium is life consuming, and my paintings hopefully catch the eye and draw the viewer in to explore further the simplicity of each brush stroke to give maximum impact.

Hyatt’s commissions have included Prof. Peter Doherty (Nobel Laureate for Science and Medicine), Sir Malcolm McIntosh (Chief Executive CSIRO, 1996-2000) and Prof. Robin Batterham (Chief Scientist of Australia, 1999-2005).

Hyatt paints in all mediums but prefers watercolour due to its ability to be taken to extremes. Her preferred subject matter is anything that has mood, light and movement rather than static portraiture and still life.

Hyatt was elected a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute initially in 1992 then again in 2010; she is also member of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society (1992), a member of the Watercolour Society of Victoria and a Signatory Member of the Victorian Artists Society.

Amanda is also recognised as an educator and has been invited to write numerous articles in the “International Artist”, “L’ Art de L’Aquarelle” and is a regular invited contributor to the “The Artist, UK”. Her popular book “Watercolour: Tonal Impressionism” has been in print since 2016 and her work has appeared on the cover of art magazines in addition to the CDC publication “Emerging Infectious Diseases”. She also teaches both nationally and internationally (including Italy, France, England, Ireland, Antarctica) and has four APV Films teaching DVDs.