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"My body of work was born out of a personal process I have been through since 2004, when I left my home and country of Israel.

That was the time when I set out looking for something that was lacking in my heart. Little did I know, I was embarking on a lifetime journey.

My artistic expression is a combination of mixed media art, poetry as well as wired jewellery work. Its inspiration comes from my own spiritual process
that is influenced vividly by my evolving and growing connection to my spiritual Hebrew culture.

My way in art is one of expressing my personal process of inner correction, of revealing goodness amidst darkness.

It depicts the joy in finding strength and perseverance through belief and increasingly feeling beloved as a state of Being, regardless of external or internal influences. It brings out to light in a very personal way, the path that many of us face today, each in his/her own way, by overcoming the obstacles that come upon us in life. It describes the intense struggle and solitude we may feel, the need to find the capacity to love and hold oneself in mercy each moment, while doing so with others, in places of joy and, in particular, in times of discomfort.

The message I carry is one of the immense responsibility we all share towards the world, as we hold the ability to make real changes in ourselves as we transform our life and rewire our consciousness in a way that will affect reality of past and post generations. With time, I have learned to listen dearly, and sit quietly through whatever unfolded in life. My wish is for every single one of us to find a place of rest so we could all sit together, and simply view what unfolds before us. "

- Zohar