Jamie Boyd

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b. 1948, Murrumbeena, Victoria

Jamie Boyd comes from at long line of famous artists. History confirms that the Boyd Family collectively have made a very profound and well-documented contribution to Australian art dating back to the nineteenth century. The son of Arthur Boyd and nephew of David, his world has always been surrounded by art and creativity. From this solid foundation Jamie has taken his own work to new heights to become a truly unique artist in his very own right.

At age seventeen he embarked on a full time career as an artist and studied at the Michael Karolyi Foundation in southern France. He held his first solo exhibition in Adelaide in 1966 and has subsequently held exhibitions throughout Australia, Italy, Germany, Holland and England.

He has lived most of his adult life in London, returning to Australia periodically. His distinctive work thus reflects both the enduring influences of the Australian landscape and a broad international sensibility. Boyd, carrying on the Boyd dynasty, continues as a magnificent craftsman and colourist whose observation of his subject matter is touched by the light and atmospherics that is expressed through his exhilarating visions. His often soft and lyrical images reflect his determination to be constantly challenging and redefining his knowledge of art through experimentation and reinvention. He is accomplished in a variety of mediums, which he uses to expresses his talent within his images of the Australian landscape.

“There is a fundamental difference between a person's perception of a cypress-studded horizon in Tuscany and the same person's idea of the Australian bush landscape. The European landscape evokes intrinsic harmony whereas the Australian does not. One is made to feel intrusive; the bush's intimate fragility is disquietingly unfamiliar.”

‘There is a dream-like quality throughout Jamie’s work. He is an enthusiastic painter of the landscape and the figure, constantly challenging and redefining his knowledge of art through experimentation and play.’

Jamie currently lives in London with his wife and five children.