Women of Substance

The Red Hill Gallery in Brisbane is kick starting 2023 in February opening with Women of Substance, an exhibition by four professional artists who represent a contemporary take on their chosen subject. All are dedicated career women devoted to the arts and selected by the Gallery curator, Margaret Campbell-Ryder to complement each other with their own artistic styles.

Whether I am mixing beautiful rich colours or gazing at a face for a portrait, creating my art transports me daily into the sublime. I feel I am taken on an adventure.

Stacey ConridgeWhen I paint I concentrate only on my own aesthetics and what I want to convey, all the time maintaining the spontaneity and movement to eventually tell a story with energy, expression and emotion.

Julie Hutchings

I work with the intention of creating spaces where people can find a place to be in, away from the troubles of the world. An interior that might evoke a memory or acts as a symbol of rest and tranquility.

Sue Dryden

I move across various mediums to evoke stories that people can relate to or experience. This exhibition depicts classic Brisbane scenes and my comment on daily life.

Margo Donoghue

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