RED HILL GALLERY INVITES YOU TO EXPERIENCE THE NEU NEU: a showcase of 30 emerging and early-career artists hailing from Brisbane, Greater Queensland & New South Wales.

Taking over the entire top floor of the galley, THE NEU NEU is exciting, challenging and fun with artworks that celebrate diversity, engage with the current political climate, co-mingle philosophies and narratives, and most importantly they entice you to have a good time!

As you step through the front door, we invite you to start the party with Stephanie Piper’s participatory work ‘The Party Button,’ which plays 20 randomised party tracks and if you feel like getting your boogie on, we certainly won’t hold you back! From then on in, the journey is up to you – explore over 70 works across the spectrum of painting, sculpture, digital collage, ceramics, and mixed-media installation.

THE NEU NEU opens 21st April 2023 and runs until 30th April 2023. Don’t miss out!

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