I have two key objectives with my work.

Firstly to capture and explore the essence and subtleties of light; the way light defines both the way we see and respond to the world around us.

Secondly, I endeavour  to create a 'painting', not merely produce a scene. I am not trying to reproduce a slice of landscape but rather, to create an artwork that is a piece of reality itself.

The painting is constructed with paint and it is that paint that becomes the reality.

The landscapes I draw my inspiration from are the starting point.

The end point is a painting that is its own reality.  To an extent it is similar to what the French Impressionists did. In fact one painting by Manet (Portrait of Emile Zola) was criticized by an art critic because, "....the man's trousers look as if they are made of paint".

My works also aim to capture a quietness and sense of contemplation.


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