Lola Santiago Artist Statement

Working in my studio, and surrounds, what can I say, I never want to leave, and it feels like home. I prefer to create my art, at night when all people are sleeping and creatures come out at night. With some nice background music, and the sounds of the night, the frogs, the critters and me, My art is inspired naively I have to say, 'good feelings ' and stirred emotions.   My mentors in art over the years, are so many to name, it’s hard to know where to start, Klee, Chagall and Miro. 

All of my life my art has been inspired by nature, music, and organic shapes. As a child my leaning towards art developed through my surroundings, my art teacher Miss Moon , who was quite sure I never had a creative bone in me. My early work has changed so much, feel as I have just started fresh. With my art practice I take one day at a time, and hoping I won't run out of days to stop creating and playing. My art plan for 2015 and beyond, seems so far away in time, I never plan that far ahead, and I willbe grateful if my play in art still offers me a living.