Kristian Mumford is an award-wining Australian oil colour artist and holds 3 degrees in the arts. His mastery of chiaroscuro, unique surface layers, and unusual perspective clearly sets him apart from the crowd.

Living in Encounter Bay in the South of Australia, he is recognized for his command of light narrative and strength of story.  He is inspired by Sir Hans Heysen, as well as Bouguereau and John Singer Sargent, and in more recent years by Tom O'Callaghan and Jeremy Lipking.  In the summer, Kristian follows Hans Heysen's footsteps in the grand coastline and mountains of Fleurieu Peninsula, hiking and paddling in remote locations where he paints and collects references.  He is equally at home in rural and serene garden settings; he lives on a private garden estate and draws on gardens, children and women for inspiration, but also finds beauty in nearby Adelaide and Melbourne and its rich architectural and human vibrations.  His years as a songwriter flow through his process in the melodious and lyrical qualities of his paintings. What Kristian loves, provides the original impetus for the artwork.

Kristian describes his artistic process as “sculpting and pulling the form out of the linen,” much as a sculpture releases the form from the earth. His imaginative and unusual perspective frames his work with the deepest ability to project how he sees the world, formed by shadow and light.  His mastery of charcoal and oils deepens the story and intimacy of his work, as the resulting texture, colour shifts, and granulation reveal the warm feeling of light as well as the whispers of light air. As he minimizes detail, the abstract shapes and surface of the paper reveal his deep connection with the process.

Kristian is a 3rd generation Australian landscape & figurative artist. His works are represented in public and private collections nationally and internationally. He combines alkyd gel with his oil paint and often wields a knife, as well as a brush, to create a mixture of translucent and impasto works.

Skilfully evoking the warm romantic beauty of the Fleurieu Peninsula and the psyche as female has made him not only highly collectible, but one of a rising generation of artists breathing new life into the Australian figurative and landscape tradition.