John Harmon’s exposure to the field of art began as a billboard painter. He spent two years working for Pacific Outdoor Advertising[Gannet Outdoor] where he worked with many amazing pictorial artists and gained much knowledge about painting techniques from some extraordinary painters.

He left this field after two years and continued his study of art in Southern California at California State University, Fullerton.

John graduated with a Master’s Degree in Art and subsequently worked as an entertainment (movie) industry artist specializing in portraiture and concept art.  John worked for many firms including Universal Pictures, Orion Pictures, Polygram Records, Disney Home Video, Mattel Toys and Channel 7 Los Angeles.

He later worked as a freelance illustrator exclusively forDisney Los Angeles, Buena Vista, and Disney Publications.  As a freelance illustrator for Walt Disney, John painted backgrounds and characters for many facets of different advertising outlets, for such movies as "Aladdin," "Roger Rabbit," and "A Goofy Movie," as well as for a multitude of animated television shows.  John also worked in-house for both Warner Bros. and Disney as an animation background painter.