emma ward head shot.jpg


Emma Ward is an early career artist working in Central Queensland. In 2018 Emma began a new series of paintings exploring the power of mundane objects: how a simple object can connect us to strong emotions and evoke memories from our personal pasts. Using familiar ‘things’ as symbolism Emma’s narrative weaves stories about identity, love and family. These objects are often items collected from nature, or are domestic in some way, forming the inspiration for a modern take on the Still Life painting genre.

This contemporary view point plays homage to the social media aesthetic of the ‘flatlay’ in which objects are viewed from a topographical position.

In her larger practise, Emma’s work also explores the impact of imagery in social media on the feminine psyche and the changing identity of what it means to be female.

Emma is also well known for her feminine figurative works, and characterful birdlife and animal paintings, focusing on imbuing hew work with energy, empathy and emotion.

Emma is a self-taught practising artist whose work Is held in both private and public collection.