Conchita Carambano
is a Spanish born Australian who’s multi-layered and richly textured paintings reflect both the scale and antiquity of the Australian landscape. She uses a strong earthy palette, overlaid with gold and silver-leaf foil to convey her impressions of a sunburnt Australian outback. Her paintings suggest a mythical presence about the land that imbues them with metaphysical as well as personal meaning. Carambano make the following comments about her work and herself as an artist, “My work is about pushing inventiveness to the limit with abstract forms and shapes through a sensual use of symmetry, space and colour. It incorporates the colours of Australian scenes that are offered nowhere else in the world. Being an artist is my life, and in no way could I imagine being, or doing, anything else.” Since completing post-graduate studies in 1983, Carambano has had a number of highly successful solo exhibitions in Sydney. Utilising mixed media, oil, acrylic and wax, Conchita studies her environment and draws inspiration from nature to produce engaging artworks characterised by organic forms and a sensuous use of space, colour and symmetry.