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Thank you for your enquiry about being represented by Red Hill Gallery.

We are in the business of selling art and as such it is like a job interview.

Firstly do your homework as to the style and quality of the other artists represented by Red Hill Gallery. Looking through our website is a good place to start and a visit to the Gallery if you are local could be beneficial.

Submission Guidelines *please note we only deal with artists directly.

Prepare a submission – you can do this in two ways.
First – send an email to
Second – prepare a USB stick and mail to
Red Hill Gallery
PO BOX 221
Red Hill   QLD   4059

What you need to include

  • A letter of introduction including a link to your website/
    social media pages
  • Your current resume and artist statement
  • Minimum of 4-6 images of your artwork (at least 1MB)

At Red Hill Gallery we are very fortunate to represent so many talented artists; therefore we carefully review and select new artists that will enhance our current creative stable.

Thank you for choosing Red Hill Gallery to review your artwork we look forward to receiving your submission.